Immune reaction induced by X-rays and pions and its stimulation by schizophyllan (SPG)


Female C57BL/6 mice aged 6-8 weeks with transplanted Lewis lung cancer cells were used to investigate the anti-tumour effects and immune reactions in tumour tissue induced by X-ray and pion irradiation and their modification by schizophyllan (SPG). The effect of SPG on the rate of lung metastasis and the survival time of the mice was also studied using the same tumour system. These studies showed that in this tumour system the "practical' relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of pions was 1.33 in the dose ranges used (3 Gy x 4 = P3; 6 Gy x 4 = P6). SPG increased the suppression of tumour growth associated with moderate doses of radiation: X-rays (4 Gy x 4 = X4) or P3. SPG also decreased the number of lung metastases and prolonged the life span of the mice, these effects being independent of radiation. The addition of SPG to radiation increased both the macrophage infiltration and T-lymphocyte infiltration in the local tumour and the lung nodules. There did not appear to be any major differential effect of SPG on the pion-treated mice compared with those treated with X-rays.


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