Comparison of immunological properties of various bioactive combinations.


Background: Lately, more and more preparation of various cocktails or mixtures of bioactive modulators have been introduced. Their true activity is, however, rarely tested. Aim: To compare six commercially available, glucan-based immunostimulators. Methods: Immunological effects of tested combinations were measured by evaluation of phagocytosis of synthetic particles by peripheral blood neutrophils, production of IL-2 by mouse splenocytes, production of superoxide anion and nitrite oxide, antibody response to imunization with ovalbumin, and NK cell activity. Results: Our results showed that with the exception of the highest doses (phagocytosis) and superoxide anion and nitrite oxide production, only RVB 300 showed significant immunostimulative activity. Conclusion: Based on our results, we can conclude that most of the tested natural immunomodulators have limited, if any, biological effects. Only RVB 300 significantly stimulated all six tested immunological reactions.


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