Combined modality radioprotection: the use of glucan and selenium with WR-2721


Glucan, WR-2721, and selenium, three agents with distinct radioprotective mechanisms, were evaluated in C3H/HeN mice for survival-enhancing and hemopoietic-regenerating effects when administered alone or in combinations before exposure to 60Co radiation. At LD50/30 radiation doses (radiation doses lethal for 50% of mice within 30 days postexposure), dose reduction factors of 1.21, 1.02, 1.37, 1.51, and 1.66 were obtained following glucan (75 mg/kg i.v., -20 hr), selenium (0.8 mg/kg, i.p., -20 hr), WR-2721 (200 mg/kg, i.p., -30 min), glucan + WR-2721, and glucan + selenium + WR-2721 treatments, respectively. All treatments increased numbers of hemopoietic stem cells as measured by the day 12 endogenous spleen colony-forming unit (E-CFU) assay; the most significant E-CFU effects, however, were observed following glucan + WR-2721 and glucan + selenium + WR-2721 treatments. Combined modality treatments were also more effective than single-agent treatments at accelerating bone marrow and splenic granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming cell (GM-CFC) regeneration. These results demonstrate the value of multiple-agent radioprotectants.


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